Origin by Dan Brown

Where do we come from? and Where are we going? two simple yet profound questions which Dan Brown and the main protagonist Robert Langdon try to answer in the new and highly riveting piece 'Origin'. If you have been following the Robert Langdon series, you will know that besides Langdon as the main character,Brown always includes a female lead, a mysterious negative character, who runs the show from behind the curtains and a host of secondary characters. This one includes all of them. Set in Spain, Brown and his creation, Langdon, take you through whirlwind of events in search of the epic secret that futurist, and Langdon's friend Edmond Kirsch was about to reveal, before being brutally murdered.

There are few points which I noted and was amazed.

1. All art, architecture, locations, science and religious organizations in the novel are real
With this fact, it is evident that the Brown has a beautiful mind. To weave an entire plot around all that is real and make one view it from a different perspective and yet create fiction is staggering.

2. Having read Yuval Noah Harari's Sapiens, I kept comparing the plot of this one and all the facts that are mentioned within to my understanding and learning from the 'Sapiens'. Religion, Spirituality, Basic Science and Logic, are they on the same plane and where am I going with my beliefs? Are they just gaps in our understanding that we are trying to fill with something that our minds can wrap around?

3. Since his last book, in 2013 'Inferno', where Brown had meshed art, history, symbols and codes, it is evident that Artificial Intelligence has arrived and cannot be ignored. The protagonists are highly bent on AI and many new inventions of the present world and future play a prominent role in 'Origin. Bloggers, Virtual Assistants, Elon Musk and Tesla all make an appearance.

Though a fast paced novel, I felt 'Origin' could have been different from the past books of the Robert Langdon series in terms of the characters; you are more interested in discovering the murderer who has enlisted an assassin with a past, like Brown's books in the past. Predictable, however riveting.

I would highly recommend 'Origin'. Just to broaden your thoughts and perspectives and also if you love a murder mystery.


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