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The Book Hunters of Katpadi by Pradeep Sebastian - A Bibliomystery

Nothing gives more pleasure to a bibliophile than holding a beautiful hardback jacketed book, and when the book is also a pleasure to read... that is just cherry on top of a lovely cake!
The Book Hunters of Katpadi is Pradeep Sebastian's first novel, a bibliomystery , a genre, yet to be explored on a greater level, here in India. The Book Hunters, tells stories, many different ones, encompassing various subjects and times, put together in one book. 

The book starts off with a cute little antiquarian book shop called 'Biblio' based in modern day Chennai, India, run by two women, Neela and Kayal. Together, they look for rare books, first editions, lost prints of books that would make a true bibliophile dance with joy. When entrusted by a well known bibliophile, to assist him in evaluating a rare manuscript, they find themselves uncovering mysteries of the bygone era that have baffled many in the book collecting world. The book transports you back in time to the British Raj,…